Boxing Betting


Boxing is not just a sport, it’s an art, an enthralling contest of strength, willpower, and lightning reflexes. Despite the centuries-old history of this discipline, its glory days are still going on, engaging a huge audience into its striking ecosystem. A sheer number of boxing enthusiasts come to GGBet to wager on the primetime fights with the biggest names squaring off in the ring, and we are happy to serve the needs of any gambler. Rest assured, we know how to take your passion to a whole new level, but first, let us help you get to grips with GGBet boxing betting.

Types of GGBet Bets for Boxing

It seems that GGBet betting on boxing is thrilling in itself, but the situation is heating up even more if you bet on a variety of fight outcomes. Indeed, gambling has never been as exciting and action-packed as it is today, and GGBet will serve you well anytime you are shopping for the best wagering lines. Meet the most popular types of boxing bets available for the biggest bouts:

Fight winner

This is the most beginner-friendly market which is also referred to as 1x2 bet. All you need is to leverage fighter stats and decide who will emerge victoriously in the upcoming bout. Betting on a draw is also possible, but such an outcome is extremely rare in boxing, that’s why the odds are so high.

Over/under (total)

Total rounds betting is all about predicting how long a bout will last. A probable number of rounds is set by the bookmaker, and your task is to place the under bet if you think that the fight will last less, or the over bet if you believe otherwise.

Method of victory (fight outcome)

This is probably one of the most flexible GGBet bets for boxing, giving you as many as 5 bout outcomes to choose from. Therefore, you can define if the fight will end by knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), or disqualification of one of the athletes, whether a fighter will win by the judge’s decision, or perhaps a technical draw will take place. 

Round betting

The market requires some proficiency as you need to name a particular round in which the fight is about to end or a boxer to win a certain round. At the same time, the method of victory does not matter at all, be it KO, TKO, or DQ.

Going the distance bet

As straightforward as the bet sounds, it involves predicting if a bout will last the scheduled duration of rounds or end earlier. The available options to wager on are just Yes and No, while the odds disclose the likelihood of each prediction.

GGBet Bets for Boxing

Best Tournaments for GGBet Betting on Boxing

Whether you are willing to make a pick on a heavyweight title clash or wager on the next lightweight world champion, GGBet provides you with a myriad of betting opportunities to choose from. The boxing universe is vast and ever-evolving, and we are committed to keeping you abreast of all the most prominent events from various leagues and championships. The list of matches is updated regularly, and you may also come across such tournaments for boxing sports betting:

  • World Championship
  • WBA World Boxing Championships
  • IBF World Boxing Championship
  • European Boxing Championships
  • World Boxing Super Series

WBA World Boxing Championships

GGBet Boxing Betting Bonuses & Promos

In this dynamic world of gambling, every advantage counts, and strategic use of bonuses can make GGBet betting for boxing much more profitable. These enticing incentives have long revolutionized the way sporting enthusiasts engage into gambling and amplified the overall thrill of the process. Let’s point out what bonuses you may find on GGBet and uncover their true potential:

  • Welcome bonus – a big pack for novice players given for their first deposit.
  • Freebets – place boxing bets online without hurting your budget.
  • Bet insurance – safeguard your bet and get its amount back if you fail to win.
  • Deposit bonus – reload offers allowing you to get a reward for depositing cash.
  • Bonus chest – open the chest for $3 or make at least 1 bet per day within 5 days in a row and receive a nice prize.

GGBet Betting Bonuses

GGBet Live Boxing Betting & Streaming

GGBet live boxing betting refers to wagering on a bout in real time when it’s already taking place. This form of gambling proves to be very fascinating but requires good reaction since events often change in the blink of an eye during the fights. What’s more, the odds are shifting as well to keep pace with the action unfolding on the field, so monitor them closely to make the best out of your stakes.

As one of the leading bookmakers, GGBet also provides real-time video broadcasting to ensure that bettors can watch boxing fights and make stakes conveniently in one place. Mobile compatibility, full-screen view, high video quality – GGBet live streams open a plethora of opportunities for everyone willing to elevate their betting experience.

GGBet Live Boxing Betting

How Boxing Odds Are Calculated

Understanding boxing betting odds is crucial since this is the only way to find out how much profit you will get from a particular bet. GGBet uses decimal odds format which is also referred to as European and proves to be a favorite among bettors due to its simplicity. In comparison with other odds systems - American and fractional - decimal coefficients take seconds to calculate as you need just to multiply your wager amount by the stated odds to define your potential profit. This is how it works:

Stake ($50) * odds (2.55) = $127.5 in winnings.

In case you wager $1, your payout will be $2.55, respectively. Hence, decimal odds show how much you will collect on a winning $1 stake, although they are also used to denote the likelihood of a certain match outcome. The higher the odds, the more risky a bet is, but it will pay you generously if your game prediction works out.

Effective Boxing Betting Tips & Strategies

The enticing nature of boxing appeals to many bettors, but far from all of them manage to succeed when placing wagers. We are here to help you generate more accurate battle predictions, so take into consideration the following tips before plunging into boxing betting online.


  • explore the boxing style, strengths, and weaknesses of each sportsman;
  • support more motivated fighters;
  • get the advantage of expert predictions;
  • consider the win-loss record of both fighters and their prior performances;
  • set spending limits so as not to lose all your bankroll at once.


  • do not wager on every fight if you are uncertain of your predictions;
  • avoid placing huge bet amounts if you are new to boxing betting.


What major boxing championships can I bet on GGBet?

A list of boxing betting games is constantly changing on GGBet, but you will always find plenty of exciting bouts to wager on. Major competitions with huge prize pools, local events, international tournaments – check out the left-handed panel of our website to see what we currently have for you.

Does GGBet allow placing live wagers on boxing matches?

Sure. You are allowed to place live wagers on your favorite sports and teams via both the GGBet website and the boxing betting app. You just need to register and deposit cash, it takes minutes.

Can bettors claim any specific bonus codes for boxing betting?

At GGBet, we refresh our promos on a regular basis, so you will always have an opportunity to catch a nice bonus code for betting on boxing. Visit the My Sports Bonuses tab in your profile menu to discover the current offers.

What is the smallest amount I can bet on boxing on GGBet?

The smallest amount for betting is 0.5 irrespective of your chosen sport and currency. The maximum bet size differs considerably and may be seen in the betting slip.

Does GGBet offer fighter stats for betting analysis?

Boxing betting site GGBet keeps you knowledgeable about possible bout outcomes so that you can develop a smart betting strategy. Use the available fighter stats and win-loss records to improve your predictions.